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what smells so good in your garden?

17 years ago

Last month it was jonquilla daffodils; you could stand among them and they smelled so sweet. This month in that area the sweet peas have finally started blooming.

As I walked past the azaleas, which have a very faint fragrance, expecting to come upon the heady lemon scent of tea olive (osmanthus fragrans), I caught a fruity aroma. What! Calycanthus, old time sweet shrubs! They tend to sucker and every little bush has those dark brown flowers that children used to tie in the corner of a handkerchief and carry to school to enjoy the scent.

The ruins bed has Laura Bush petunias, a species type that smells spicy at night, coupled with the sweet fragrance of nicotiana.

Sadly, the mock orange (philadelphus) that is coming into bloom is a cultivar without the least scent.

What makes your garden fragrant?


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