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HAVE: Info and directions for Kelso/Longview swap

10 years ago

I hope a lot of you can make it. It's always fun to get a bunch of gardeners together. It will be from 10 AM until everybody has enough and wants to go home. I always have a little cookout (just hamburgers and hot dogs) so no one has to worry about lunch (some of you have to drive a ways to get here). You can bring something to share for lunch if you are so inclined, but it's not necessary. Anything is okay to swap as long as it's garden or yard related - plants, seeds, pots, tools, books, yard art, etc. No garden related things? Cookies or chocolate is always welcome! The only stipulation is no money is to be exchanged. I usually have a lot to give away as well as trade. Some of it is already potted up and some you will have to dig.
I suggest that if there are special plants that you only want to trade and not give away, you might want to leave them in your vehicle until you work out a trade with someone, and those that you have received in a trade, too. While I always set up a "free for the taking" area, some people don't understand or follow directions well.

Directions: Take Exit 39 off I-5. If you're coming from the south, turn right at the light, and immediately get into the left lane for a left turn at the next light, (about 50 feet.) Turn left on Minor Rd./Kelso Dr. and continue up the hill to the stop sign, which is Mt. Brynion Rd. Turn right onto Mt. Brynion Rd. and go almost exactly 5 miles. The mail box numbers will be in the 4300 series. Look for Bear Creek Rd. off to the left. It is a dirt road, and you won't see any houses. Turn left on Bear Creek Rd., and we are the second house you come to. (171 Bear Creek Rd.).
If you are coming from the north, turn left at the light. Go to the second light, and turn left onto Minor Rd/Kelso Dr. and then follow the directions above.


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