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Pots: what sort reside in your garden?

Ah, the wonderful world of pots! So many to choose from. Glazed, terra cotta, metal, hypertufa, plastic, and I don't doubt many more. What kind do you have? Do you think your pots reflect the individual style of your garden?

Do you have all one kind or style of pots? Or do you mix and match? If so, is that because you like the mixxed look, or don't really care about matching pots?

What do you usually plant in them?

I have a small collection of terra cotta. So far, I have four, not including the plain sort and the ones that are too small to even plant in. My favorite is a square one that has floral swag on the sides. I like all terra cotta, but like to have each a different style, shape, and decoration. Some day I hope to have a large collection to set along the back-yard sidewalk, since there isn't much that will grow in that area.

I once bought a blue-glazed pot for my yard, but it just didn't 'fit'. It looked a little too tropical or asiatic, which was too much of a contrast with the style of my garden. I think the terra cotta blends better with the things around it and does not detract from the flowers. They also add a little European flare, which I like.

I have a huge Pelargonium in one of my pots. I overwintered it in the living room. I don't really do annuals, but I don't like to plant perennials in them either since I bring the pots in for the winter (I worry about them cracking from the cold). So I decided to plant veggies in them this year. I am excited to see how they do and look.

So how about you?


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