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WANTED: Plants for my new pond

17 years ago

hi all,

i have a new pond that i would love to have lushly planted. i'm not having a lot of luck with the nurseries around here for neat stuff and if anyone has spare plants, i would gladly put them in my pond to stymie the algae that is threatening to grow rampant. i've been looking for salvinias, and aquatic sensitive plants (Neptunia), in particular, but i love variety and would like to have a bunch of stuff planted.

right now i have a small white pickerel and canna, as well as two type of creeping jenny. i can trade some watercress, duckweed, aquatic fern, parrot's feather and frogbit. i also have a modest begonia collection i can send leaves from.

please let me know what you have! my pond gets half a day of arizona sunshine, so i don't think i'll be able to put anything too sensitive to direct sun in it. here is what my pond looked like a couple weeks ago: