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Spring has sprung in my garden...

12 years ago

I have been missing in action on this forum . There are lots of reasons but first and foremost has been my inability to get my garden to grow. Tree roots have continued to stymie my progress. Perennials planted 3 yrs ago have dwindled and others have succeeded.

I finally realized that you have to plant what will grow not necessarily only what you want to plant. I wrapped my mind around that concept and realized that the two can work together and that I needed to learn more about my soil and site .

I moved a lot of plants and I propagated sedums all this past winter. The result isn't complete by any means but boy do I finally feel like a gardener.

Purple is the standout in my garden. I have embraced it in all its forms and have lots of plans for more. I am going to do all raised plant beds in the area in the back....but with a twist. I haven't got it all sorted out yet but when I do I will post pics .

I have to thank you all for posting your information and help over the years. You have all been so supportive and encouraged me when I was feeing really inadequate. What I didn't understand was that I needed to find the garden in me. I now feel like it is ready to grow and bloom and I am so pleased. I have turned the corner...I am a gardener. Thank you. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring slideshow 2011

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