Dawn Redwood - Driveways, sidewalks, and neighbors oh my

10 years ago

Alright, I've been wanting a Dawn Redwood for years now. I keep see-sawing on the idea as I've got a few concerns.

The only place I have room for a tree of any size is going to be on my narrow side lot. This lot is maybe 30 feet wide from my driveway to the property line. There is also a sidewalk Teeing off the drive.

First question: How far from a drive or sidewalk must this tree be planted to keep it from damaging them?

Second question: I know the water and gas lines are somewhere in the front lot, not sure where they run precisely, but is it worth calling the utility to find out where with this sort of tree?

Third question: The neighbor's house that this lot is beside faces north. The redwood would, eventually, block the morning light to his yard. Is it bad form to plant a tree that could blot out the morning sky of your neighbor?

TIA I appreciate your help folks.

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