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WANTED: Any type of herb/flower/vegetable seeds plse

16 years ago

Hi everyone....

We have just moved to this property and my 4 kids and I are excited about planting "up" our property...They want to plant a flower garden and a vegetable garden.

We are looking for:

Hibiscus seeds

Poppy seeds

Marigold seeds

Moonflower seeds

Angel trumpet seeds

Basically anything that is easy for the kids to plant and manintain.

As for vegetables, they already have peppers and tomatoes started, so anything else such as lima beans/brussels/peas/beans/acorn squash and the such would be great!!

Herbs, any kind would be fabulous. My daughter built a little greenhouse and has spent her allowance on little ceramic pots, so they would be perfect for a little herb window box.

And if anyone has any bulbs, such as canna, daylily or dahlia, that would be fabulous as well.

I will go through my seed box today and post my seeds I have available for trade.

Thanks to anyone that can be of help.

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