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advice/opinion on which plant for this space GREATLY appreciated

9 years ago

Hi all!
I'm getting closer to actually planting something on the side of my house. As you can see I'm almost starting from scratch. The area that has the gas/electric metr is an eyesore-- I've posted the angle most clear from the street. There's a burning bush to the left that I will be moving to a sunnierlocation come fall, and putting my Viridis maple there (that's the plan for now anyway). In front of the GE box I was thinking maybe one of those Sky Pencil holly tree/shrub things, maybe even 3-- if 3, then 2 smaller ones in front of the box itself and 1 slightly taller one up a little, more in front of the rain spout.

I want something tall and skinny, that won't take over the area. There's only about 4' of depth there from the house. One other thing I considered was a Thuja Occidentalis, maybe the "Degroot's Spine" or the "Smaragd"-- they both supposedly get no wider than 2'-4', if the tags are to be believed.

Any experience with any of these plants that might deter me? Or any other suggestions? Other plants eventually on that corner will be other dwarf conifers and a fall color shrub or two...

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