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How do you get rid of this mess

15 years ago

Every spring it is the same,My bedds edges,under all the low cedar trees,around my iris and roses is chickweed.Tons and tons of it everywhere,I have to deal with all of that before I can even begin to start cleaning out a bed from weeds to plant or move a plant.I spend several days pulling at this and cloves that puts long runners in our bed,That mess is everywhere also,My home and land is built where there used to be an old farm,Alot of the people that bought here completely removed this horrible stuff and planted real lawn.I can not afford to do that,maybe in sections would work to get a nice looking lawn,we all have 2 or more acres.The front of my land is wooded,then some lawn then my house and the back and sides all have lawn except the NW corner.I have the whole side down to the back yard in woods,I am not sure what to do with that area yet,In the front I am turning it into a woodland garden,lots of hosta,bleeding hearts azaleas,columbine,astilbe,ferns.I root some plants in the dirt it is so rich.I also have alot of iris in that section also,I added ajuga and vinca last yr.I have rhododendrons also blooming.

There has to be something to kill this mess.How to I irradicate it for good?I also have 2 other hell plants I will post later to see what they are.They have underground runners everywhere but not hard to pull up.I sure hope someone can help me get this horrible stuff under control.


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