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have: wet my feet! water gardening seed/plant swap

14 years ago

This is a group swap for Water type plants. It is posted over on the Round Robin Exchange because of it being a group swap but wanted to reference it here also in case anyone was interested...

Hello Fellow Gardeners,

I would like to possibly start a Water Gardening Seed/Plant Trade. For those of us who have Ponds or Bogs. I wasn't sure how many would be interested in joining...?

Included in the swap could be items like submergable(Oxegenator) plants, floating plants, bog plants, tropicals or grasses to put around the pond or bog.

I will post a note over on the water gardening forum so they will know for those interested.

Once I have 10 people interested it will be a go. I was thinking April/May (I will start a new forum once we have enough interested) so that we would have time to inventory our plant items and slow down a bit from our flower/veggie swapping :-)

This will probably be a list-it/select it type. Where you will list what you have to offer and let the others select from the list.

When you send your plants, include postage for a small flat rate box ($10.35) and a return mailing label in your package so it can be returned to you. Friendly Reminder: If the swap is a hugh success and you select a whole lot of stuff you may need two boxes - Just a note in case. If you do not want to do two boxes just don't select as much stuff from other peoples lists -But it is hard :-)

Post on this forum what types of plants you have to offer and how many you can make like this:

Canna Lily - 3 offers - 2 seeds each - Red

Water Hycinthica - 3 offers - 1 plant each -Light Purple

Water Lily - 1 Rhizome *Possibly I haven't gotten them out of the pond yet to check my babies.

Zebra Grass - 5 offers

White Plumb Grass - 8 offers

Nasturium - 3 Offers (this is not water related however it is one of my favs. around the pond as the leafs look like lily pads :-)


**I know on the water forum they exange snails and other stuff like that- This is acceptable but please be sure to package them in the correct manner. Thanks.

This is the start of my list - Just for interest - Don't select any yet until the swap is a Definate.

Thanks for your interested.


Here is the link for the post to join...

Click Here

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