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Emerald Arborvitae are Dying!?!?

15 years ago

Any thoughts on why my Emerald Arborvitae are dying? We planted 22 and now 6 are dead (completely brown/yellow) and many more are now exhibiting the initial signs of death! It starts with a hazy yellowing of the outer shell and eventually the whole tree turns brown/yellow. They are in the Atlanta area, on a slope, in full sun and getting watered daily.

Let me also ask this... the landscaper that planted them did not do a soil test and instead simply insisted that the area be treated with 400 pounds of lime prior to planting. From what I've read, Arborvitae thrive in "acidic" soil and lime is applied to reduce acidity, so I'm wondering if what he did actually created an improper soil environment, contributing/causing their death?

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