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seduced by goumi & buckthorn - but worried re ultimate height

20 years ago

I drove to Raintree last week "just to look" and fell in love with both the goumi and the sea buckthorn plants I could have bought and taken home (I restrained myself, mainly because I'm waiting to have an ugly tree and juniper hedge taken out first to make space for whatever I do buy).

After reading through the posts on "what shrub do you regret growing" I realize that I should probably think of these plants as grown-ups instead of the appealing, relatively small things that caught my attention.

So my question: how difficult and/or advisable is it to try to maintain either of these edible shrubs at around 6 feet? How wide would they ultimately get? (The place I would plant them, if I do buy them, gets lots of afternoon sun, but is a triangular piece of land that only has limited space for the two short hedges I would try to plant there.)

By the way, the goumi plants at Raintree already had fruit -- which I tasted of course! -- and I thought they were fabulous! Oh, temptation!

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