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What's up?

Ahhhh....spring ;-) I thought it would be interesting to get some updates and hear what is going on with everybody.

What is up in your garden? What have you been doing in your garden? If you haven't been able to get out, what are some of the first things you plan to do once the temps/weather get nice?

One of my New Year resolutions for the garden was to get projects done this year and stop procrastinating. So far so good! I have cleared out all the dead from the gardens, gotten rid of most of the leaves (that I never picked up in fall, lol), pruned a couple of shrubs, and moved a few hardy plants. And then last week I dug out some sod in the front yard to expand the shade garden. Also was able to give it a top-dressing of good soil I had saved from last years containers. Have a few more projects to do in the front yard, but not until the temps are a bit warmer.

Most of the perennials are up here, except the late risers and the ones I suspect have bit the dust. Glory of the Snow and Snowdrops are done and crocus have a few days of life left in them. My two lonely daffs in the front are blooming and in a couple of weeks the Tulips should be out!!

Everything is starting to get that first green blush that makes it truly feel and look like spring.

How about you? What is going on in your garden? Feel like spring yet? I would love to hear!


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