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Favorite companion plants for old garden roses

14 years ago

Another rose question :) Again, I hope I haven't asked this before, but what are your favorite companion plants with old garden roses?

I've ordered some gallicas, a damask, a moss rose and a few centifolias that only bloom once in the summer. I've mixed them in with my other roses, so some are repeat bloom and some are once blooming. What plants do you like to combine with once blooming roses?

I'd love to see pictures, if you have any! I'm trying to get some ideas as to how the plants look together, colors, heights, bloom times, etc. As some of you know, I try to stay with non-toxic plants, but I can almost always find a substitute that will work in the space, so suggest whatever you like. While I can't grow foxglove or lily of the valley, I can substitute stock or penstemon and violets or sweet woodruff :)

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