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spring in s.w. virginia

11 years ago

What crazy weather we've had this season. Mid-March and some of the early daffodils have already bloomed out! Today was the first time in months that I'd gotten the camera out - and this was between showers. We put a new fence up(so I wouldn't have to look at the neighbor's butt ugly pool) and there are some pics of the fence.

Here's looking toward the fence:


Looking across back in the other direction:




early daffs:



Another view across back:


Some of the heucheras near the entrance. They still look pretty bad and are just starting to put out new growth:


Looking out from the deck. The heated birdbath is still up. We still are about 6 weeks away from our frost date!


More early daffs - originally I planted one bulb and now there are huge clumps. I've removed thousands of bulbs, given them away, thrown them away and they still multiply too quickly to keep up with.


Looking down the fence:


Pansies from last fall:


A couple more shots:


This early Azalea almost always freees but it hasn't this year.


A favorite daffodil, VA Sunrise. It is almost a month ahead of schedule.


I wish all of the daylilies looked this good! The evergreens don't look so spiffy.

That's all for now!

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