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Dancing Stamens and Mummies

12 years ago

Mike Huben's article in the Daylily Journal on bloom behavior lent some new words to my vocabulary. Dancing stamens, mummy, furling and autolysis are new to me.

Being obsessive about liveheading, I was in a hurry one night and starting plucking off blooms and made #3 son help. He had not put gloves on and in 5 minutes yells across the garden, "I've got daylily semen all over my hands." A real Kodak moment with our new neighbors hearing this while they are out back. I will be sure to tell him there is a name for that goo, autolysis.

This article, along with great photographs, is the first one I have read about furling and will be paying more attention this season. Right now I could not tell you which cv's in the garden close well as I have really never paid attention. I suppose the easiest way would be not to livehead and see what the spent blooms look like the next morning.

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