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Well, now I've really made things interesting *eye roll*


I went outside to plant my new daylily order and then got annoyed that my northern gardenia has branches that are dead for the first time EVER so I think "I'll just pull this huge thing OUT of it's container and check the roots.Maybe not enough room." Unsure, so decide to switch 5 daylilies with gardenia.

Daylilies have no tags (surprise,'s me the Queen of "I dont' need to label, I'll absolutely remember what this is next year.. *cough**choke*.

Then I find unlabeled seedlings masquerading as part of uprooted clumps, and think "when did I JAM these in here???", realize 2 daylilies I glance at while doign this ridiculous exchange are in too much shade, so decide to move THOSE and tuck into various containers holding other mystery daylilies

My garden is MASSIVeLY ..can't even thing of word.CONFUSED?? AND ALL FOR THAT BLASTED GARDENIA!!! Which I LOVE *sniffle*

Well, guess this summer will be one of mystery and excitedment as I discover which daylilies I moved where end up.

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