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My plans - Good Days to Plant Annuals and Sow Seeds

15 years ago

During the next two days, I will be getting my things in order for sowing & planting annuals - both flowers and veggies. Making plans for what to plant where and when. What needs to be divided and pruned.

Wednesday, April 1st: April Fools Day - The last day of the New Moon until evening. The moon will be in the sign of Gemini- don't let the sunshine FOOL you into planting or sowing on this day. Gemini is a barren sign, not good for planting or sowing. Best used to plow & cultivate, but do not weed at this time, as it will only encourage new growth during this phase of the moon (between New Moon & Full Moon). Excellent time to prune roses though.

April 2nd-3rd: On Thursday-Friday the moon will be in the sign of Cancer. It is a very fertile sign. It will be a very good time to sow cool weather veggie & flower seeds and plant out annuals. I am going to sow Rose Campion and California poppy seeds and anything else that will benefit from the cool, moist weather this early. (good for all above ground crops)

April 4th-5th: On Saturday and Sunday the moon will be in the sign of Leo, a barren sign, an excellent sign for replacing mulch, pruning roses and perennials (to promote new growth) and adding manures and compost to beds.

Sunday I will manure the asparagus bed.

April 6th: Monday, the sign will change to Scorpio (very fertile sign) and I am going to add compost around my roses and other perennials. A great sign for transplanting and doing grafting.

But on Tuesday-Wednesday (April 7th-8th), still in Scorpio, I will set out all my Broccoli plants and sow more annual flower seeds. I will also sow my snow peas. (good for all above ground crops)

April 9th-10th - Libra. Stick to plans. Avoid indecision on these days.

On April 11th-12th, under Virgo, it will be a good time to plant out Biennials and Perennials and sow annual vine seeds. A good sign for sowing annual vines. I will sow the flowering annual vine seeds that Gardening friends have shared with me and some which I bought.

Busy days ahead. Lots to do.

Happy Astrological Gardening!


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