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Newbie-of sorts; seed swap here or no?

Although I have been on GW for a couple of years now, I am new to this forum. I have chronic illness, and it is forcing me to change my ways of gardening. I used to grow (annual) vegetables each year with great gusto. Sadly, now I cannot. I do wish to continue growing my own food, so last year I ordered some plants and my 17 yr. old son helped me put them in-great boy!

We planted usa-urvi, salal, lingonberry and others from a nursery. My brother works at a cranberry growing company, so I got vines from him. A friend had wintergreen growing, and shared her plants. My sister had Partridge Berry, and I was thrilled to get it. I do not mind sharing with the birds. I have had blueberries here for a few years already.

I intend to put in more this year, and have ordered Damsons, more of stuff I already have, filberts, and more.

I hope to grow masses of certain plants. I am ordering a few hundred blueberry plants this year. For the most part, I need to start from seed. Do you seed swap edibles here, or do you do it at the seed swap forum?

At this point I am looking for rare things, and things to start from seed. I have been looking for Rubus chamaemorus (cloudberry/bakeapple)for 2 years and haven't gotten it yet. I am looking for any edibles I can. So, if any of you folks have seed for edibles, maybe we can trade! Since most of my fruit-bearing plants were set in last year, I do not have seeds right now. I am more than willing to swap seed next year, trade seed of what I have on my list, swap flower or veggie seed, I even have beads to swap.

Thank you so much, and I hope to meet others with this same interest.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade Page