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New Grafting Chamber

14 years ago

I started with flat size and built around that. There's 1" of pea graves, followed with 2" of perlite, then weed fabric.

An inline fan at one end of the corrugated pipe and air circulation is constant. All I need to do is add lightweight poly.

An all day project, and I'm done. Love it.

And, the two-level rack against the back wall holds the exact # of flats that the chamber holds. After the grafts will push, they will be removed from the tent chamber and placed on the rack.



18" x 15" x 3.5" sturdy flats. Perfect size for Anderson Tree Band Pots.

recycled aluminum insulation (layer one)

insulation sloped so the water will run to the drain

Layer 2 of insulation

Heat Mats go on next - insulation is so the heat doesn't ever go to the floor.

1" pea gravel (drainage)

2" of perlite - wetted down. Weed fabric is next.

Perlite is done:

Yes after watering a lot it does go right to the drain. I can thank my contractor for sloping the greenhouse foundation.

Weed fabric is on and tacked in place with nails

Ah yes, I'm getting somewhere

This photo and the rest all go together. It's the corrugated pipe with the duct fan placed on one end.

Leave some space so poly can go on and for airflow

Other end with fan - leaving space again

All that's left is poly

Plenty of room

I'm tired as hell.


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