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Succulents curling under- possibily lack of sunlight?

9 years ago

So I'm relatively new at growing succulents. Only had mine for half a year.

From what I've read, these succulents that are curling under are having a lack of sunlight? I currently live in an apartment, with all the windows North facing. I've attached a little layout of my apartment below. would it be better if i left them every day for a couple hours/for a whole day once a week in the bigger window in the living room? The window they're by now is king of blocked by the building but I thought it was enough light.

Also, I live in an apartment building, so I can't leave them outside to get more light. :( I do go to my parents once a week, so would it be good if I took them there and left them in a more direct window light for a whole day?

It's winter right now and I don't know if they'll do well in Utah weather. And I've also posted a picture of my succulents in the post below this one.

Thank you for your assistance in advance!

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