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Native plants for drought - Native Plant Event - IL

17 years ago

Midwestern friends - As you know, native plants are best able to deal with draught with their long roots and being adapted to local climates. You can learn more about native plants at the Wild Ones Annual Conference July 14-16 in Naperville, Illinois. We have a wide variety of courses we're offering on topics including native plant 101, wildlife and habitat, birdscaping, landscape design, dealing with invasives, outdoor classrooms, children's education, stormwater management, and more.

We're also having a photo contest (you do not need to attend the conference to enter) and important speakers such as Gerould Wilhelm, author of Plants of the Chicago Region, Darrel Morrison, designer of the Ladybird Johnson Wildlife Center, and Michael Jeffords, scientist, entomologist, ecologist, photographer and co-author of Illinois Wilds.

In addition, we've lined up some phenomenal tours of local restoration projects, nurseries, green building, native plant roofs, etc. For more information and to register now for early bird pricing, go to

Leslie Cummings

Communications Specialist

Wild Ones, DuPage County, IL Chapter

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