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Dried Flower Press.. Hey Josh!

17 years ago

Hey Josh & Group!

I just wanted to let you know, I finally got in my "Microwave Flower Press" from "Lee Valley!" I had been waiting for it via shipment, & so finally got the chance to try it out just yesterday~ ... it works great, & I just know I will have alot of fun with it, & also derive much enjoyment from it as well~

While experimenting around, I went out onto our Land & pasture here, & just got some tiny Pasture "flowers," and also some "sprigs" of our Western "Sage-brush" to try in the Flower Press. (.. for starters!) The Flower Press worked amazingly fast in the Microwave, & it also did a very nice job of "drying & pressing." I was excited about the outcome of the procedure itself, so can't wait to keep trying new things with it this Spring & Summer!

For all of you "inquiring" in regards to a Flower Press, (even tho I am still learning much about the subject) these terra-cotta Microwave Presses are a good little investment, if you are interested in this type of thing. I also purchased a Microwave Flower Pressing BOOK, and I believe it also tells how to "build your own" Microwave Press----- when I have time to read that info, if anyone is interested, I can "post" what the Book has to refer to on this subject, OK?

Happy "pressing & drying" this Spring everyone!


~ IndianPaintBrush ~

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