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Pictures of my 'Little Rosa' and My Mock Orange

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year!!!

I wanted to show you all before and after pics of my Little Rosa and my Mock Orange that Mike gave to me.

They are both doing well...

"Little Rosa" is blooming and has a little Orange just starting to form.


I keep thinking that i need to prune this tree and i probably will in the spring. It is getting to tall and needs to fill out, so i keep thinking of the Pink Lemon tree that you just showed.. : ) I will prune. But i cant do it noww...LOL Not with the first little orange!!

The Mock Orange has bloomed like crazy and has lots of seed pods on it and has one that has turned Red. Others have said that they would turn red. Will they open when they are ready? This is new to me. So any advise will be appreciated..

Thanks Everyone for all that you have shared this year.

2011 has been a tough year for me and i am ready for the start of the new year. But there are many good things that have happened this year, so i am very greatful for all of the new friends that i have met here.. : )

Here are the before and after shots...

Take care,


"Little Rosa" Before...






Mock Orange..before


Mock Orange now...




Thank you so much...

Here is the Varigated Maya Plumeria that i was telling youu about. It is beautiful. The new leaves have a pink hue that is quite lovely!! I also enclosed a picture of my Palms at night...

Take care,





: )

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