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Tangerine fruit question

18 years ago

What causes the dry spots/sections in tangerine fruits? I picked a green Dancy today(supposed to be ripe Dec-Feb) and it already had dry spots in the fruit. I know color is not a good indicator of ripeness in S. Florida, so I decided to pick one of the nice sized fruits. It felt rather light in my hand. Not dense like a grapefruit. About a third of it was inedible because of the dry areas in the sections.

My oldest Tangerine tree (variety unknown) has shockingly bright-orange, heavy, juicy fruit that have no dry spots. This is the first time in at least 8 years that it has had such colored-up fruit. They usually stay greenish. All the trees were badly beaten by hurricanes in the past two years. I have no idea why this one tree is so flashy this year(G).

Am I picking to early or too late as far as the dry fruits? A watering problem? The Dancy is potted, the others are in the ground. I have only tried the two types so far, but have eaten lots of the unknown ones in the past month. They do not have a zipper skin like the Dancy. I have Murcotts and Satsumas - have not picked them yet, they don't look or feel ready.

I've seen the dry, ligher colored areas in purchased fruit too before. How can this be prevented?


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