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Repotting of clementine and satsuma today

12 years ago

Repotted these two trees today from a commcial soil into the 511 solid mix. I chose the 511 over the gritty due to a weight constraint on the satsuma and I will hopefully see some growth in the clementine and it will need to be repotted soon.

The clementine was a new citrus I received via mail order and I was having a terrible time with leaf drop. The replies from a previous post and a lot of other reading seem to point to too much water. I removed the clementine from its existing pot and went a smaller pot and attempted my first bare root job. After I know I did a bit of damage to them, I stopped and repotted what I had. I can send a picture of how much root was lost and a picture of what the roots looked like (can niot get my pictures to post intonthe message). I did not see or smell any signs of root rot on them.

The satsuma has always done well and I shook the loose soil I from its root ball (appeared to be some variation of a homemade mix) and repotted into the 511.

Overall the ingredients for the 511 were easy to find. By far the most difficult ingredient was the fine bark. Every pet store in two was out of the reptibark and the selection of bark at the nurseries was pretty limited. I found the old most decayed bag of mulch and took it. I spent a good amount of time shredding the much by hand and with a pampered chef hand held food chopper. Ven with this amount of effort, the sizes may still be a little on the large side, but it was all I could do.

It was very interstitial to see the bottom of the pots with the over the counter citrus mix. They most definitely were very damp. You can tell just by looking at th soils that the 511 will drain much better.

If the water retention was the problem I am guessing it will tak a whirle to see new growth on the clementine. Any time guesses would be greatly appreciated and also any thoughts on the root damage. The last thing I am curious about is should I go ahead and water the too new potting jobs especially the clementine.

I would like to take a moment to thank the people who have posted to the site in order to help and also taken the time to make videos on the soil.

Tomorrow I will be redoing a tangelo.

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