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Citrus Mitis - help required - leaves are leaving!

11 years ago

I have had my little indoor, Citrus Mitis tree for around six months. It has been healthy and happy for most of them. But about a week or so ago it began to look very sad. The soil, I noticed, was very damp. Despite leaving it alone it remains so. The leaves are almost all curled, some up, some drooping down. Fruit is falling, as are the leaves. And one side of the tree is bare.


I am not sure whether I ought to re-pot it, and attempt to give it dry soil? I had been told to wait until Spring, but I am worried it may not last that long. Should I squirt it with some sort of fungicide? Although no insects are present. Or perhaps some root stimulant, such as H202 solution? Too radical?

Any suggestions much appreciated, I do not want my poor little plant topop its soggy clogs....!

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