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Taking the knife to a 55 year old jade - Help on finishing cuts?

10 years ago

Hey guys-

I recently was given an amazing but severely overgrown jade that is supposedly around 55 years old. The old lady it came from kept it healthy, but looks as though she never pruned on purpose in its entire life, and almost every branch had turned vinelike and was drooping down, with the main trunks under a huge amount of load because of outwards weighting.

There was all sorts of maze-like ingrowth with things looping back on itself, doing u-turns, figure eights, etc! So after studying the threads on this forum for quite a while, I decided I want to give it a go at "resetting" it in a way, and allow it to finally start growing up and out again rather than down and in on itself.

Yesterday afternoon I took the knife to all the branches that were growing downwards or wrapping back in on itself -- and this is the result. I think it's becoming beautiful as it is, but I'm not sure where to make the final cuts to "finish" it.. there's still a lot of places where branches would be competing or having potentially strange growth angles. Thusly, I left all the remaining "subjective" cuts till after I ran it by some folks with more experience. I've attached some shots of it from a lot of angles. The bamboo brace is because when it was in transit, one of the branches almost broke off and I was attempting to "set" it, but may end up just sacrificing that part because i'm not sure if it's going to work.

I've also been reading conflicting reports about what lighting conditions you should have a jade in after cutting it so severely. Most of my place does not have direct lighting, but I also have a large south-facing window I could put it next to that gets decent light during most of the day � but it's Seattle light in the winter, so it's the least intense thing ever. What light levels would you guys recommend after it going through this severe pruning?

Any advice would be much appreciated - thanks all!

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