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Please, please help me win new plants! & current ones' photos :)

11 years ago

So I'm a long, long time lurker brought out of the woodwork by a facebook contest whose prize is $500 of free plants/plant accessories from a local nursery here in Baton Rouge. Because the prize is awesome but my entry is somewhat lackluster (it's a contest for Christmas lights, and I currently live in an apartment so I can't compete with independent houses) I need the power of the plant community to help me win. Please, please plant community! I promise I'm the most plant-geeky of all the entrants!

Since I haven't built up any social capital yet, I figured I'd go ahead and try to do so now, below, with some photos of my current collection and some daydreams about what I would do with that kind of money!


The entry that's mine is the one titled, "My first self-hung Christmas lights!"

First, I'd buy a Pachypodium, and any currently unowned Aloes, Haworthias, Gasterias, and hybrids of those three. Then any unowned Gymnocalyciums, a Rhipsalis, and perhaps a Senecio rowleyanus and an Alocasia of some sort. I would also beg for them to bring in a Zamia furfuracea. I've wanted one of those for a while, but they don't have any in stock. Then I would buy one of those outrageously expensive red Aglaonemas. I've been unable to justify their price thus far. I'd then pause in my plant-buying to upgrade pots of currently owned plants. And upgrade their soil, too. Some of my cacti/succulents are in clear plastic cups with the tops cut off and holes poked in the bottom. (This actually works fine for a while, but after a year or so, especially when exposed to the elements, the cup gets really brittle and starts to shatter when handled.)

Any leftover money would go toward experimental plants - orchids I'm unfamiliar with, etc., and plant gifts to friends and students.

Thanks for your help! If I do win, I promise photo updates of what you helped me buy!

On to the photos:




(photo above, look, a dragonfly!)

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