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Shrubs under black walnut

17 years ago

I have 3 canadian hemlocks which were planted in a straight row and look sort of silly since the rest of the area is sort of natural. I am looking for a companion plant (shrub) to plant near them sort of around them -- but scattered -- to make them look more natural and blend in to a woodsy type of environemnt.

Problem -- these Hemlocks are at the dripline of a Black Walnut.

I had purchased 5 Red Chokeberry to intersperce w/ the Hemlock and they looked great since they are tall and whispy and would not overpower the Hemlocks. Problem is, I learned they are sensitive to Juglone and I had to move them.

I can't seem to think of anything that will look as nice -- natural and woodsy -- to plant with the hemlocks that is also tolerant to Juglone.



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