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Recommendations please...

11 years ago

Hi all..been lurking here just lately and enjoy reading about your experiences with citrus trees.

I have the opportunity to buy a few citrus trees for my new old home which will have great light(large windows). The house won't be ready to move into until Spring 2012 so I have some time to plan now. In the summer months, I will grow the citrus outside, obviously.

I am interested in one lemon and one lime, orange or tangerine.

Lemon is very important to me and I have a choice between Meyer and Lisbon. I'm looking for good growth habit, fragrant flowers and good fruit production. Which would you recommend of the 2? I'm leaning toward Meyer.

The other choice I am open to recommendations for. I have the following varieties to choose from:

-clementine mandarin, naval orange, thornless key lime, persian lime, calamondin orange and sunburst tangerine.

In your vast experience, citrus experts, which would you grow and which would you avoid? Please keep in mind, they would be grown at least half the year inside the house.

Thanks very much!

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