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Morning shade, hot afternoon sun...small space,help!

19 years ago

We are developing the small space behind our mobile home for patio, garden. The east wall is a 8 foot metal fence which we have covered with white plastic lattice. An 18" wide raised planting bed runs the length of our lot next to the fence. Then there is a 5' wide, brick-on-sand patio which leads to our back door. So my planting area is that shaded-in-the-morning, hot-afternoon-sun-for-a-few-hours, 18" wide strip along the fence. The lattice just begs for flowering vines...but remember, I only get a few hours of mid-day sun and I don't want a jungle. I guess I'm asking for some suggestions for delicate flowering vines that can take south Texas temps. I AM planning a drip irrigation line. I hope somebody can help...?

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