First Citrus of the Season = Primosole Mandarin

Not counting my Meyer lemons, of course :-) This is my first citrus for this season. I was walking up along the top of my rear citrus grove, and realized my Primosole mandarins were ripe. I had forgotten these were very early mandarins. They are really quite good, and a rather interesting cultivar. They are a cross between the Miho Wase satsuma and the Carvalhais mandarin. Here is a bit of a description of this cultivar from a UC Riverside article a while back:

"Produced at the University of Catania, Sicily, in 1980. It is described as being seedless in isolation and matures very early (at the beginning of October in southern Italy or early April in Australia). Coastal Fruitgrowers Newsletter (Australia, August 2005) reported, upon release of Primosole from quarantine, that it reached maturity about 10 days before Okitsu satsuma. Fruits are oblate in shape and average 150 grams in weight in southern Italy. The trees are said to be vigorous and productive with an open growth habit. They do not exhibit alternate bearing tendencies. The
branches do not have spines, and the lanceolate (long, wider in the middle or lance-shaped) leaves tend to fold as if under water stress. According to an article published in Plant Disease, December 2001, pg. 1291, called "Extreme Susceptibility of Primosole Mandarin to Alternaria Fruit Rot in Italy", Primosole is extremely susceptible to Alternaria fruit rot due to growth cracks at the stylar end (blossom end of fruit) and sensitivity to sunburn. Citrogold reports that this variety has orange rind color, a good to large fruit size, and a good to very good crop load. The peel separates easily. The flavor is said to be between satsuma and mandarin."

It does really taste like a cross between a satsuma and a mandarin. Quite nice. Look forward to more as the years go by, and very nice to have an early mandarin . I think it probably was a bit past maturity, and would have even been better 2 or 3 weeks ago, so, that would be end of October, which is wonderful.

Patty S.

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