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Wanna pretend it's summer?

16 years ago

I'm dreaming about the days of sunshine and life in the garden. I thought I would invite you along.

Daydream a bit. Tell us about a stroll through your garden when it is alive again. What would you be doing/feeling/sensing? Would you be working or lounging? Planting or picking?

Me, I'm probably wearing cargo shorts, tank top and ponytail, wandering around with shears and a little shovel looking for something to attack. The cat is always in tow. Hopefully I stopped for sunblock and shoes.

I'll spend 20 minutes accidentally drifting off into the warmth of the sun on my skin, the chirps of the birds, and the pulse of the nearby bee. Maybe I'm staring at my indoor kitty lounging blissfully in the tall grass on his long leash. It's like we are of one mind outside.

I figure it's time to get to work so I'll drag the hoses around the house for the daily watering. On a hot day, I douse my hair with water as well as the plants. While I make the watering rounds, I make a mental note of which plants need cutting and which ones need moving.

After watering is all done, I'll pick a place for digging. Scoop, toss, scoop, toss. It just clears my mind. There's always a project to work on here. After a bit, I'll get a mint tea or iced coffee and go help DH on his yard projects. Hopefully it will require digging.

Take me on a stroll through your yard.

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