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Won't be on GW as much, but not a bad thing

13 years ago

Hi everyone,

Just want to say thank you SO much for all your help, encouragement and advice on gardening! I am going to be taking a class for work starting Monday, so I won't be on the GW as much in the future....but this means more opportunities and maybe more money down the road....which means more plants, right? (LOL)

I will try to stay in touch on Saturdays, when I can, but I'll be pretty busy with class, homework, work, etc. until the end of March. Good timing, since I'd hate to miss out on gardening after all I've learned here :)

Thanks again for all the help and I look forward to seeing your pictures this spring...I'll even try to post a few, once things are up and blooming. Didn't want you to think I just disappeared, so take care and have a great (hopefully) early spring!


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