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Building a seed starting stand

16 years ago

OK, I am ready too build my little seed starting/seedling stand.

I have 2 lights for 1 shelf for NOW, but plan to add at least 1 more shelf.

I plan to allow 5-6" space for each shelf made from 2x4 and 1/2" plywood? The lights add about 3", so for lights and shelves, figure 5-6 inches each.

I plan to start growing my seeds around January 15th, with last frost around May 20th here. That gives me around 4 months growth under lights before transitioning to the seedling garden I'll be creating.

I have 2 soft white bulbs and 2 daylight deluxe, broader spectrum bulbs. Is that an acceptable combo?

How many shelves can I expect to have in a 7-7 1/2 foot vertical space?

Can I use the concrete floor as a shelf? Or is that not a good idea?

The temps in the basement average around 70 degrees, so to increase the temps in the seed stand I plan to wrap some 4 or 6 mil plastic around it. Is that ok to do or is it a bad idea?

Probably should have asked on the seed starting forum, but since I am going to be mostly doing daylilies, I want to focus on the daylily *best practices* homemade stand.


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