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feeding bees in winter/spring

13 years ago

The link explains how to feed bees. It says that bees are more likely to starve in spring than winter. It says to make sugar syrup using refined sugar to feed the bees during their lean times. The amount of sugar is much higher than for hummingbird syrup. The article suggests using a bit of honey in the syrup so the scent will attract the bees to the sugar water. It also talks about the method used for feeding, to be careful not to cause the bees to drown in the sugar syrup.

The only feeder I have available which is suitable for bees is a hummingbird feeder. However, honey should not be fed to hummingbirds. There are no hummingbirds in this area at this time of year, but come, spring there will be migrating hummingbirds. To be sure not to adversely affect the birds and be helpful to the bees, I have decided to put a bit of honey on the top of the feeder rather than to mix it into the sugar syrup.

Although it is winter, there are bees in my yard every day. There are many different types. There are scant flowers in this area now. I have worried about what the bees are finding to eat. If they are searching for food, their store of food must be lacking. I have never thought about feeding bees before. However, I looked it up and found information that it is a good thing to do.


Here is a link that might be useful: feeding bees

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