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Dryer vent question

17 years ago

Ok - not sure if this is a good place to post this, but at least I figure I'm starting to "know" people here.

Our dryer vent is at the front wall of the house, right in the area where I'd like to put some foundation plantings. What I don't know is, how will all that hot steam affect any plantings nearby? I'm hoping there are some that would actually prefer that location, tho I have no idea what.

I'd been figuring on doing annuals this year, esp. since I need to re-do the area a bit to enlarge it before I can put in any shrubs, tho I was planning to put in a climbing Hydrangea.

As for specific plant suggestions - it is on the south side of the house, but the area gets a lot of shade from a nearby Norway maple (variety unknown, but gorgeous purple leaves all summer long). The house has a red brick wainscot below, and dark red board and batten above, with white trim. The color schemes I'm considering are either white and lavendar, or yellow/rust/purple. (Another part of why I'm doing annuals - to experiment on the colors.)


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