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Does anyone ever feel this way..?It is so sad.:0(

12 years ago

I just went to a cactus and succulent meeting this weekend, and I met a lot of old timers that have been growing these amazing plants for years..

It was so sad to here some of the expressions from some of my friends there.

A few were selling and giving away such beautiful young succulents and I would ask why they were..

The same reason I would get from many was this...

"This cactus grows so slow, that by the time it matures or grows to what I would love to see it like, I might not be around to enjoy it"

"Some can take years to reward me with the flowers and growth I am looking for, and there fore I don't think I have the time to see it years from now"

"Maybe if I was 20 years younger, I would grow this particular plant''

Some are so slow growing that many made me think they were not worth growing once in a ripe old age...

I felt sad for them

I suppose they keep their fast growing ones now, the ones that give immediate gratification, or they keep the ones they have that are mature and giving them what others wise would take years to enjoy..

Some even buy older specimens so they do not have to wait years to get them that big and mature..

Sad...It makes one realize how fast we age and how slow some plants do..

I must say, patience is definitely a virtue for those that like these some of these species..I am learning that..


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