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Need walkway plant suggestions, curb appeal help!

I have a walkway that needs some perrenials. I currently have pink primrose spreading through the walkway, which i love but it needs substance. I also planted yellow primrose, but they can be dug up, they are taller than the pink. I love the pastel look, and they should have a long bloom period. Maybe 2 1/2 ft tall max? Id like to add it up and down the walkway for a whispy effect. Any suggestions? I originally planned on shastas but am not sure. Also any other suggestions regarding curb appeal would help! I bought window boxes and will have them put up in the spring. I tried pressure washing the white wash that stained the brick, but it wont come off.

Here is a rather blah pic of the walkway, ive ripped out the shrubs blocking the porch and there are nice hydrangeas and roses against the house. If it helps! Also, i was thinking of widening the bed around the walkway, what do you think?


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