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My Sad Trees, Hoping they will Survive????

8 years ago

Here are some pics of my sad citrus :(
(Note the following is not a complaint about 5:1:1 in any way, and I still have other citrus that are happy in 5:1:1)

But, this is what happened to several of my citrus after a recent up-potting into 5:1:1. Some how, they stayed too wet, and suffered from root rot. Still trying to figure out what went wrong, especially since they would of been under watered if anything since I was recovering from surgery.

I have now been re-potting most of them into Fafard 52 mix with added screened perlite, and into smaller pots until the roots catch up.

Here are examples of 3 of my trees that suffered. Please share your opinions on how sad you think they are and if you think they will recover.

These first pics are roots of a Valentine Pummelo, and an example of what most of my trees that got up-potted look like. Hopefully it can re grow some roots.


Here is a pic of my Honeybell, which has already been replanted into Fafard 52 plus perlite, into a smaller pot until roots catch up. It looks soooo saaaadd. Not sure if I should prune it down some to match the size of the root ball? Think it can come back?

And last, my poor Oro Blanco. I just got the tree from Four Winds in September. While it is not in 5:1:1 anymore, I did replant it into a Fafard custom mix plus perlite (the first soil I got loaded on my truck was the wrong mix). I did this 3 weeks ago. Not sure if I should put it into the Fafard 52 mix now that i have it, or if it is too soon since the last transplant and just leave it alone?

Do you think it will recover?


Any opinions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much! Christy

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