How can I get the most blooms on my citrus??

12 years ago

I don't understand. My citrus trees are doing real well,green and growth is great, but not producing anywhere near the blossoms they did when I first bought them. I wish I knew what to do.

When I bought my calamondin orange tree, it was loaded!! with flowers and smelt so sweet, smelled the whole house up. Now even after outdoors all summer, it grows only one flower here and there on each branch, in no abundance I tell you, not enough to get a nice whiff of fragrance. What am I doing wrong? I fertilize it well and give it lots of sun. In fact outdoors in full sun ,all summer and yet not many blooms. Not the way it looked when oringanly bought. The same hold true for all my citrus.

When I bought my grapefruit, it too was loaded with flowers. Now I get growth and a few flowers at the same time.

The only citrus that I have that is constantly growing flowers in abundance is my Ponderos Lemon. I feed them all the same fertilizer. Yet this tree never grows leaves..Just constantly flowering....Weird. Any answers greatly appreciated.

I just want my trees in full bloom. That is the best part about them.

Thanks so much.

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