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have: have updated tradelist lots to trade

12 years ago

Hi Everyone!

I've finally finished updating my tradelists. I have 665 types of seeds, several plants, books, rocks/minerals, etc.

I'm looking for a variety of things. We just moved to Colorado and had to leave behind hundreds of plants. Our new property is barren but has great soil.

I'd like to find:

Seeds: Daylilies (especially species and unusual forms and colours, but anything would be great!), roses, any Heirloom veggies (such as tomato, pepper, winter squashes, etc) and heirloom and native plant & wildflower seeds. native to the Colorado region or zone 5.

**Bulbs: Daylilies (again, looking for species, and unusual forms/colours, but anything will help!) , Iris' any kind, Daffs, Tulips, alliums, etc.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you,