HAVE: Named Daylilies to Trade for Named Daylilies: 99 Cultivars

13 years ago

I have 99 different named daylilies to trade for other named daylilies. You can see pictures of them (from my yard) at


Login: Indigofoxx Password: indigo

I like to do larger trades and I am happy to trade for 1 blooming size fan. I am also happy to do double fan trades, but I do not have double fans of each daylily on my trade list. I send a fan that bloomed this summer. I do not have rust and prefer to trade with others that also do not.

I really love daylilies that are different or unusual - not really into spiders though. You can also tell me ones you think I would like that you find do not photograph well. South Seas is one on my list that I really love, but I've never seen a picture that really captured its beauty. I can provide references from trades I did the last few summers too.

Here is a list of my daylilies to trade:

Aggie Sellars

All Fired Up

American Indian

Ann Thomas

Anna Warner

Apricot Sparkles

Autumn Wood

Balls of Red

Barbara Mitchell

Bed of Roses

Big Kiss

Bold Tiger

Brave World

Burgundy Lace

Buried Treasure

Cape Cod many

Cedar Waxwing

Chicago Apache

Cold Harbor

Corryton Pink

Country Pride

Crimson Shadows

Dakota Destiny

Dark Star many

Decatur Cherry Smash

Disco Rose


Ed Murray

Eenie Allegro


Eye Catching


Far Country

Fairy Tale Pink

Final Touch

Golden Compass

Happy Returns


Indian Giver

Indigo Dawn

Indigo Moon

Indy Rhapsody

Jam & Jelly

Janice Brown

Java Sea

John Allen

Leebea Orange Crush

Lemon Lily

Little Grapette

LongfieldÂs Twin

Lullaby Baby

Magic Carpet Ride

Mary Todd

Mauna Loa

Medoran Gold

Moonlit Masquerade


Oriental Ruby

Pass Me Not

Pink Puff

Prairie Blossom

Prairie Blue Eyes

Precious Beginnings

Quilt Patch

Rachel My Love

Raging Tiger


Red Volunteer

Rocket City

Rose Joy

Rosy Returns

Ruffled Apricot

Sabra Salina

Saucy Rogue

Sharks Tooth

Sherry Lane Carr

Siloam Bo Peep

Siloam David Kirschhoff

Siloam Double Classic

Siloam Ethel Smith

Siloam Plum Tree

Siloam Royal Prince

Smoky Mountain Autumn

South Seas


Strawberry Candy

Suzanne Pate

Taffeta Mist


Time Window

Vera Biaglow

Vino di Notte

Wild One

Wineberry Candy

Yazoo Elsie Hintson

Yazoo Jim Terry

Yellow Bouquet

Yellow Explosion




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