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I've been inspired.

14 years ago

And so I've created a rose garden. Right now it's just a lot of dead bermuda grass and clay on a very sunny "corner" of a new path. But each rose I plant gives me a chance to work a lot of soil around the plant. I add lots of organic stuff and stir well. I'll be putting down cardboard and mulching with leaves in a couple weeks. The grass was killed with RoundUp several weeks ago.

I moved Mr Lincoln, my "orange" rose, a Sunny knockout, an unknown lavender hybrid tea rose that I got for $1, and because I needed a sunny spot for it, a Confederate Rose (Hibiscus mutabilis). I had wintersown this one and apparently forgotten that I had planted out one container. I found it this morning under some flopping echinacea.

On the corner, there's an old pink camellia that was nearly 30' tall when I moved in. It was so big, it blocked all the sun out in the backyard. If I was to grow tomatoes, it had to come down. Hopefully the new growth will make it through this year's winter. The stump is pretty large.


I'm sure it's not the best time to move roses in the South, but they're all fairly new and had barely begun to put out new root growth. I'll just have to watch the watering for a week or two. And we're forecasted to have lots of rain this week.

It's 75 degrees and cloudy. :)

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