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WANTED: Have hosta to trade for daylilies

15 years ago

If anyone is interested, I have the following varieties of hostas to trade for named daylilies. Almost all of my plants are 2 eyes and are large well grown divisions. Pictures can be found at I have Abiqua Moonbeam, Amber Tiara, Bottomline, Candy Hearts, Crusader, Diamond Tiara, Emerald Tiara, Frances Williams, Geisha, Golden Tiara, Grand Master, Grand Tiara, Hearts Content, HOneysong, Illicit Affair, Invincible, Iona, Iron Gate Delight, Lemon Lime, Moonlight, Morheim, Mildred Seaver, Nakaiana, Pilgrim, Plantaginea, Radiant Edger, Rhapsody, Serendipity, Shade Fanfare, Tambourine, Twilight, Ventricosa Aureomaculata, Veronica Lake, Wide Brim. Just let me know if you're interested. Thanks, TIM

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