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Young Redwood growth in shade vs. full sun

14 years ago

The differences of a young metasequoia or young sequoia grown in full sun versus in shade is astounding I've realized from observing the new growth this spring. They tend to "burn" when in full sun. Both species that I have planted in the ground have exhibited browning of the bright green new growth when in full sun, and the same trees' new growth that is covered in shade ( I covered it by putting a board of plywood up to shield it from the sun) has remained that bright neon green and showed much more growth. Both trees have been receiving adequate moisture/daily watering.

Any insight on this? Why the "browning" of the new growth of these young trees, while older, more established trees exhibit no browning (at least the metasequoias don't. Many sequoias however, have been planted in shoddily put together landscaping and have showed browning and don't seem to be receiving adequate watering).

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