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container grown orange trees leaves and new fruit falling off

14 years ago

I have one little orange tree that I brought in from outside before it got cold and it was doing fine. It was only a foot tall but it had leaves all over it and now since I brought in inside it's in front of a window but not direct light on it but I do have a grow light on it and it's leaves have fallen all off and it's branches are turning brown from the tips down to the trunk. I have fed it with citrus food and a little bit of nitrogen thinking mabey that would help but doesn't seem to be doing anything. I usually feed it every month or every other month and it always seems to help it sprout out more. I did check the soil and it does seem to be wet at the bottom but I had used drainable soil mixtures so I don't know why it would stay so wet down there if that's the problem. Our humidity in our house is 30 percent and the temperature inside is in the 60's and 70's. I also bought another more established orange tree from lowe's home improvement store and I repotted it with peatmoss and potting soil and now it's little tiny new green fruit are falling off but there are two big green oranges that are still attached what can I do to make sure those stay on? It seems like everything started going down hill when I brought the two inside and then when I repotted the one from lowe's. So I have three altogether and there all doing it. I water once a week. Do I need to repot them with more drainable soil? Anyone please help? I can't figure out what to do? There leaves do have a tiny bit of yellow through out them and the leaves aren't dark green like the new one from lowe's. What can I do to help my tree's? Any suggestions?

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