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Meyer Lemon Tree Yellowing Leaves

10 years ago

Hi all, I'm new to gardening and to this forum, and I'm really excited to know that there are so many of you out there who are so kind to share your gardening knowledge and experience. We welcomed our first tree (Mr. Lemon) into our home back in July. The Meyer lemon tree has been out in the yard for the past few months. We moved the tree indoor 2 weeks ago. It's currently being placed under 3 light bar plant grow light (15 watt T8 fluorescent bulb each).


We noticed the tree has produced lots of flower buds since moving indoor and at the same time some of the leaves are turning yellow.





We fertilized the tree with Dr Earth's fruit tree fertilizer, coffee ground and crushed egg shells.

The last time we watered we noticed that there were springtails in the soil.

Any ideas on why the leaves are having yellow spots? I've been reading up and the reasons could possibly be rotting roots, manganese deficiency, over watering, not getting enough light... What should we do to prevent the problem from getting worse? Mr. Lemon appreciates all your help! :)

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