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Meyer Lemon Tree Help Please

10 years ago

That is my "baby" meyer lemon tree that i bought from home depot in june. the tag/pot that it came in said it was from record buck farms ( and that website provided very little useful information. so ive been wandering around various forums and other sites to find as much info as possible on this little guy (i named him Lemongrab haha).

anyways, i believe i have a sucker growing (on the right side in this pic) but i am not sure. i cannot find a graft line on the trunk (i will post close up pics). plus, this branch came out of no where and now is bigger than the whole rest of the "tree" (i feel like its too small to call it a tree yet lol). the leaves on that branch are also significantly larger than the other leaves on the main part of the tree. so should i remove it? and if so, how should i do that without hurting the rest of the tree.

some more info - i am very new to all types of gardening. i live in a condo in south FL (near Ft Lauderdale). the lemon tree is in a (probably way too small) pot on my balcony where it gets lots of eastern sunlight. it is also living in (please dont kill me for this, i didnt know it was bad!!!) miracle grow moisture control potting soil. he gets watered about 2-3 times per week. (except this past week we were out of town). if i need to give more info, let me know.

any and all advice is welcome and much appreciated!! thank you!

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